"East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’.

We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done."
We will be singing this song over and over again on the way to…ATLANTA! That’s right—our Seedsters are heading to Atlanta for three days full of museums, baseball, delicious food, and much more! The mission of The Mustard Seed is to provide meaningful activities which enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities, and this is yet another way we look forward to making great memories with our Seedsters! While our Seedsters have opportunities with their families to travel, they don’t get the opportunity to travel with their friends.

The Seedsters and staff will be working to develop exciting fundraising opportunities to help generate the needed funds for this trip; in addition, we have sponsorships available for
businesses and individuals. This trip will be an exciting time for our Seedsters, and with your support, we look forward to making it happen!

As you know, the funding we receive from generous businesses, individuals, foundations, schools, and churches is what makes our ministry possible. If you would like to “Send the Seedsters to Atlanta,” please click here to donate online or click here to print an Atlanta donation form.